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Disambiguation, when necessary, is done via glossing in Esperanto, because simply giving the Esperanto translation is easier than giving a long-winded definition in English. For example, to distinguish between ‘angle’ and ‘angel’, I would simply give the Esperanto translation, rather than give the definition of either one.

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Anything of mine that I publish (actually publish, not merely mention) on this site is, unless explicitly marked otherwise, either me making ‘fair use’ of someone else’s work, or is my own work that I have put into the Public Domain. In fact, this entire website is in the Public Domain. I hereby authorize WordPress to give a copy of this entire website to anyone requesting it. (Or, if you have the hacker skills, for you to simply take a copy on your own.)

Please be aware that I use links even if they have a ‘not secure’ advisory.

Since attribution is easily established by a web search, I often quote a great thought or idea from elsewhere without attribution, when I wish to give it some publicity.